Our Software Development Kit




For the last 20 years, our team has assisted clients on many different projects and applications, from residential to multinational corporations and Governments. Thanks to these experiences, the SIC development team has designed software interface modules that can now exchange data in real time, or by batch file, to other systems.

Our long-term experience in manufacturing process management and IT infrastructures has brought us to develop  simple and efficient software development kits that provides programmers with the opportunity to use biometrics and complementary technologies trough identification instead of traditional methods.

Our iOS, Android and Windows SDKs are available under license agreement to strategic partners and clients.

Other products

ldentiFi serie : Wi-Fi FAP Fingerprint Reader


The ldentiFi acts as a Wi-Fi router providing

operators with the ability to capture

FBI-certified finger prints with their

mobile device.

Including Android, Windows Mobile and iOS

All-in-One G2 : Multi-Technologies System


4 slap fingers (live-scan), roll capture, dual iris authentication 

and smart card readers

Evolution : Multi-modal Identification


Evolution provides mult-imodal biometric identification by capturing fingerprints and/or photos (for facial recognition), then returning hit results.