About Us

20 years of great innovation!

For twenty years now, SIC Biometrics has helped organizations from around the world improving Access Control and Identity Authentication to meet their security challenges.

With a comprehensive expertise of both design and manufacturing with a wide range of mobile biometric solutions, we can help you connect the dots between your security challenges and a perfect mobile biometric identity management solution.

  • 20 years developing innovative biometric and ID technologies
  • Offices in Canada, USA and France
  • Worldwide network of added-value partners 
  • World leader in mobile biometric solutions 
  • Manufacturer of the first fingerprint reader for iPhone, iPad and Xoom tablets
  • All SIC product developments  and manufacturing are made in North America

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Product quality


Quality Management

Talking about quality is easy. It's much harder to achieve day in and day out. 

That's why SIC established formal quality programs to ensure that company processes and employees 

drive toward operational excellence, every day, for all our actions and for every customer.

SIC Delivery Methodology

Gartner studies suggest that 75% of all US IT projects did not do what was intended, missed deadlines or 

came in over budget. The SIC Delivery Methodology, real-time tracking tools and clear processes ensure that your project will delivered the solutions to your risks and problems.

Works in Practice

Our methodology has been refined over fifteen years and douzains of projects. It employs a collaborative platform that ensures success – and enhances the quality of results.

Accommodates Operational Reality

Projects often change as they progress. Our process is flexible to continuously analyze and adapt to new factors letting the stakeholders taking right decisions.

Keeps Teams on Track

A maturation of the PMI model, our methodology keeps project teams focused on the big picture, rather t

han getting stuck in technical execution.

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Highest quality and security standards

Our line of mobile biometric identity management solutions and 

data access identity authentication meets with the highest quality and 

security standards in the industry as well as with regulatory and legislative


Secure communication

  • Encrypted + SSL
  • Accessory authentication and unique serial number
  • Encryption/Decryption-on-device
  • Secure key by client

Compliant Fingerprint

  • 500dpi image - I/AFIS, WSQ , NIST and FBI image quality requirements
  • ISO or ANSI-378 templates
  • Diferent format of images if required

Industry Standard

  • Industry certified algorithms - No calibration 
  • Made in North America 
  • Industrial-grade components exclusively

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Complementary Technologies

Iris scanning


SIC is working with the leader industries to insure high-performance iris capture in all kind of environment.

Facial recognition


Using high-resolution camera in SIC mobile devices, you can rely on excellent source of image to perform facial recognition.

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ID Cards


Our products and solutions use many times the different US based ID cards, banking cards and ICAO passport for secure authentication and transactions.