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SIC Biometrics

Global Head Quater - 555 Larocque Rd, Valleyfied, Quebec, Canada, J6T 4C8

North America 1 866.499.8377 Others +1 450.424.2772

About Us


We are a strategic innovator in the identification and biometric market by bring most of the time the first new type of product or functionality.

20 years of projects in Biometrics

SIC Biometrics is a pionner in the biometrics industry. It has delivered solutions for the biggest  US cities security forces, nuclear plans, military facilities, casinos and to global fortune 100 corporations. Currently SIC has a leading position in the multi-modal ID&Biometrics mobile solutions.

Total Quality

SIC Biometrics made its success by developing and manufacturing total-quality products in collaboration with law-enforcement US organizations and a reliable eco-systems of technology partners that are driven by the same professional values.